Blade Free LASIK is also sometimes called Intralase LASIK or Intra-LASIK or iLASIK. This is because the Intralase was a particular type of femtosecond laser which was the first to be used for Blade Free /No Blade Surgery. Since the Intralase is the most commonly used laser for Blade Free LASIK, sometimes people also mistakenly use the same terms for both things. There are about 40 Intralase installations in India. However, there are only 10 installations of the Intralase iFS laser in India. Centre for Sight’s Anand center is one of them. At Anand, we offer the bladeless procedure by iFS intralase technology, which has several advantages over regular intralase technology.

However, intralase and bladeless LASIK is not the same. In fact, at Centre for Sight-New Vision Laser Centers, we also  use the most advanced femtosecond laser, from Carl Zeiss Meditec, called the VisuMax.

The VisuMax uses a much lower pulse energy (100 nJ compared with 800 nJ) than the Intralase, and a much higher frequency (500 KHz as opposed to 140 KHz). This results in much less inflammation of the eye post LASIK, and a faster and easier procedure. This lower energy is possible because of special optics in the VisuMax.

VisuMax uses lower energy and higher frequency than the Intralase

Zeiss Optics in the VisuMax allow lower energy


The VisuMax also used a curved contact glass on the cornea, as opposed to the Intralase, which uses a high scleral suction. The patient experiences a blackout during the Intralase procedure, which does not happen with the VisuMax. Many patients get a red spots in the white of the eye after

Curved Contact Glass prevents red spots from coming on the eye post LASIK

Curved Contact Glass Minimizes Distortion and Red Spots around the eye

Intralase-this never happens with the VisuMax.

Finally, and most importantly, the amount of gas bubbles produced with the Intralase is much higher than with the VisuMax. This leads to an inaccuracy of the flap thickness, and does not allow a very thin flap to be produced with the Intralase. This has significant effects on the safety of the procedure.

Thus, while using the Intralase or the VisuMax is safer, more precise and easier than using a mechanical microkeratome for making LASIK flaps, there is little doubt that the VisuMax is a superior technology than the Intralase.


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